Update for Tonic USA customers

Were moving to the Tonic USA website

To make it easier to order, ship and track your orders we are making the Kit available on the Tonic USA website. This way we can integrate it into out USA systems so we can make sure the shipping details are up to date and the USA team can see your full order details.​

When is this happening?

This is happening in the first 2 weeks of Jan 2018. The kit subscriptions will appear on the USA website this week but the migration for current subscribers may take a little longer. So PLEASE do not buy the kit again on the USA site otherwise you will have two subscriptions.

Shipping will be LIVE

The tracking and shipping of the products will be integrated to our USA shipping systems giving more details about your shipment,

Why are you doing this?

The kit has grown quickly in the USA so we wanted to make changes not to ensure the customer service better and kit experience is the at its very best.

What do you need to do?

The tech boffins are migrating the accounts from our UK kit site to the Tonic USA site in early Jan. We will email you and keep you updated as and when this happens but for now, sit back and relax. At some point you will have an email to reset your password. Thats when you will know everythign is complete.

Sit back, relax and thank you :)

Sit back, relax and thank you :)
Once we are done we will email you that everything is done. Thank you for all the support and as always if you need any help please get in contact.

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